A Christian Perspective of
Myers-Briggs Personality Types

By Chris Nelson
September 21, 1998

1. The Attributes of God 

The Biblical Relationship to Personality Types 
The Attributes of God

2. The Attributes of Humanity 

Christian Identity & the MBTI Model 
Relationships in God, Humanity & Nature 
The Personality & Imperfection of Humanity 

3. Eight Personality Preferences 

4 Scales of Personality Type Preferences 
Biblical Support for the Eight MBTI Personality Type Preferences 
Eight Personality Type Preferences Working Together 
Biblical Support for the Eight Preferences Working Together

4. Personality Type Indicator Test 

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator Test

5. Type Preferences 

History of Personality Types 
4 Personality Groups and 16 Types 
Biblical Examples of Four MBTI Personality Groups 
The Circle of Personality Type 
Differing Hierarchies of Need

6. Function Preferences 

Determining SNTF Function Order 
SNTF Processing Function Development 
Personality Type and Life Crisis 
The Z Problem-Solving Model

7. Relational Development 

Relational Attraction 
A Progression of Personal & Relational Development 
Personal & Relational Cross-Training 
Organizational Development 
Three Stages of Leadership

8. Career Choice 

Job Preferences

9. Society Dynamics 

Personalities in Society