The Introduction in "A Quest for Meaning, A Rediscovery of God and His World" describes how I got involved in that project in 1980.  The other pages at this site are similar in at least two respects. First, it is curiosity that compels the effort. Whether spiritual need or the desire for some practical understanding, curiosity is there. Second, I generally make a brief written or graphical summary so that I can refer to it later or pass it along.  With the recent popularization of the Internet, it has become simple to share those summaries with others whom I don't know. If you want to lookup Bible references while cruising the site, open up a second browser window to an on-line Bible lookup source like Bible Gateway (I have used the NASB translation). 
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As you have noticed, the pages on this site are not copyrighted.  I do this to remove all hindrances to the discovery of God and His world.  If you do use them outside of browsing, an E-mail describing their use would be encouraging but is not necessary.  When printing, some pages require a "Landscape" printer setting to get the entire width. 

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October 2, 2002