Today In God's Word
TODAY IN GOD'S WORD is a devotional guide of the Bible which journeys through the events of Scripture in chronological order. The readings proceed sequentially through history and where parallel passages exist the cross references are listed. An outline accompanies the daily readings which highlights people, places, events and topics. 

TODAY IN GOD'S WORD is for those desiring consistency in their Bible reading balanced with an unhurried pace. The schedule's daily readings offer regularity over the "read at your own rate" method of devotions and its three one-year sections provide a less rushed pace than a "Bible in one-year" plan. 

My hope and prayer is that this schedule and historical outline will prove to be a versatile tool and a sensible means for your regular daily devotions.

Old Testament
Acts and Epistles

Chris Nelson 
Copyright 1990 
Updated March 6, 1999